Kerbera Release New Album ‘People Like You’

 Kerbera Release New Album ‘People Like You’

Infecting the world one day at a time, Kerbera is a visual alternative rock act based in Stockholm, Sweden. With a strong international fan base and millions of views on their videos, the time has now come for Kerbera to unleash their music on the UK. The band released their debut album ‘People Like You’ just before Christmas, as well as a video for single ‘Love Like a Loaded Gun’. This album marks the end of the current Kerbera, with a new look and concept launching for 2018, more on that to come soon.

Bringing together an ambient sound doused with progressive undertones and catchy melodies; Kerbera are proud to be too hard for the soft and too soft for the hard, too dark for the bright and too bright for the dark. Filling a void between genres and artistic expression, Kerbera’s image is of an anti-stereotypical character that questions norms on a psychological level.

You can check out the incredible video for ‘Love Like A Loaded Gun’ below:
Kerbera - Love Like a Loaded Gun (Official Music Video)

Kerbera vocalist Seike Clowniac comments:

“‘People Like You’ is all about humanity and breaking old habits. The album as a whole ended a chapter in our life, both as individuals but also as a band. We touched subjects of relations mainly. Not necessary love relations but also with people in general, as well as the relation you’ve got with yourself. All of us went through so much, from writing to recording. It was a way of processing and move on. Growing. The typical cliché: creating art out of pain.

To finally make a UK release is a big step for us as it’s a yet unexplored market for Kerbera. It’s great for the fans we already got over there, and I’m excited to introduce our modern freak show to new potential supporters!”

‘People Like You’ tracklisting

1. The Switchblade Song
2. From Hero To Villan
3. Four Chambers
4. An Absence
5. Oceans
6. Love Like A Loaded Gun
7. Your Presence Like Air
8. Fire’s Purpose Is To Burn
9. Nothing Is Truly Dead Until Forgotten
10. Funeral Plans
11. Cathedral

Kerbera formed in the summer of 2013 and shortly after that released their first single ‘Inglorious’, which quickly climbed the Swedish iTunes charts and was picked up by radio through “Digilistan”, a show including Sweden’s most bought and streamed songs. The music video for ‘Inglorious’ had over 10,000 views in just 24 hours and over 100,000 views during the first week, now the video has his over 2.6million views.  Their second single ‘Counterpoints’ was released in December of 2013. The music video for the song was funded by fans through a crowdfunding service and was released in April 2014.

Kerbera are:

Seike Clowniac – Vocals
Zave Demonte – Guitar
Dave Delaine – Guitar
Fredrik Lazsarus – Bass
Mike Mortem – Drums