Rockshots Records Announces North American Release of DUSTIN BEHM’s “The Beyond” Jan 19th

Rockshots Records Announces North American Release of Prog Metal Guitarist DUSTIN BEHM’s “The Beyond” Jan 19th

Dustin Behm – Photo Credit: Sleeper Studios

Released this past November in Europe, Rockshots Records announces the North American release of progressive metal guitarist DUSTIN BEHM‘s debut solo album “The Beyond” on January 19th, 2018. 

Picking up the guitar at the age of 13 and attending the Guitar Institute of Technology at the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles where he studied with world renowned guitarists such as Paul Gilbert, Scott Henderson, Greg Harrison and tapping master TJ Helmerich this offering from Behm features 13 shredding tracks.

After being snowed indoors for weeks at a time in one of the most extreme winters in Oregon history, Behm (guitarist for Portland’s instrumental progressive metal band INCREATEwas eager to create new music and began work on his dream of creating his first solo album. After writing and recording during the spring and summer of 2017, Behm‘s debut solo album “The Beyond” was complete. On the release, Behm plays guitar, E-Bow, bass, keys and programming as well as handling production duties and album layout.

“The Beyond” was inspired musically by early 90’s progressive death metal such as “Spheres” era Pestilence combined with modern metal influences Meshuggah, Allan Holdsworth and Chris Poland’s “Return to Metalopolis”. Other inspirations for this debut were Behm‘s simple love for classic horror movies, especially European horror of the 70’s and 80’s that can be seen in the album artwork, skillfully painted by Mark Cooper. The artwork represents figures from a series of nightmares Behm had as a child (of which Mark was unaware when he painted the piece). 

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“The Beyond” is set to be release on January 19, 2018 via Rockshots Records.
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Track Listing:
1. Mechanization (4:04)
2. Poltergeist (3:11)
3. Alien Voodoo (4:20)
4. Interdimensional Traveler (3:45)
5. The Beyond (4:10)
6. Genesis (4:20)
7. Rituals (4:01)
8. Descent Into The Unkown (3:44)
9. Haunted Labyrinth (3:34)
10. Obelisk (3:29)
11. Last Resort (3:42)
12. Awakening (3:54)
13. Towers Of Glass (2:33)
Album Length: 48:46

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Dustin Behm’s guitar talents began at the age of 13, being inspired by guitarists such as James Murphy, Dimebag Darrell, Joe Satriani, Tak Matsumoto, and Al Di Meola. In 2005, Behm attended the Guitar Institute of Technology at Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles where he studied with world renowned guitarists such as Paul Gilbert, Scott Henderson, Greg Harrison and tapping master TJ Helmerich. There he discovered the music of his diverse main influences: Allan Holdsworth, Shawn Lane, and Meshuggah. 

After his time at Musician’s Institute, Dustin returned to Portland and played with a variety of metal bands in the area, ranging from symphonic metal to death metal. In 2012, Dustin had his original music played on FM radio in Portland and even taught guitar lessons in Italy with his friend and fellow guitar shredder Gianluca Ferro. 

Near the end of 2013, Behm helped form the instrumental progressive metal band Increate. Increate’s self-released, first album Void released to excellent reviews in February 2017. Void was produced in Sweden by legendary metal producer Jocke Skog. Dustin handled the album art and layout in addition to lead guitar.   

Behm is currently writing material for a new Increate album and regularly playing live shows around the Northwestern United States. Dustin has shared the stage with artists such as Amorphis, Dark Tranquility, Archspire, Arkaik, Rhapsody of Fire, Inanimate Existence, Vale of Pnath, Oceano, I Declare War, The Kennedy Veil, and Disentomb among others.