Eight Week National Tour Planned As Direct Support For Eric Johnson –

Commencing January 23 in Tucson Wrapping March 24 in Oklahoma City

Austin, TX — Arielle will release her anticipated studio EP titled Mind Lion on February 9. A mere week later she’ll hit the road as direct support for Eric Johnson, travelling across the U.S. staging appearances solo, and as a special guest artist in collaboration with the headliner within his set.

On her new EP titled Mind Lion, Arielle brings back an energy that has largely disappeared in music.  Her work is the antithesis of packaged, where the heart, emotion and observations are the essence of the compositions.  She offers, “The most important thing for me as a songwriter is to be genuine. To encapsulate the exact feeling into sound, into a bottled-up version of the purest form. The more I experience and can be real within myself, the more courage I have to write about things that make me feel vulnerable. The more they are able to reach more people’s hearts. To always do what’s tasteful for the song, rather than what makes me feel validated.”

Artists that resonate most deeply with their fan base create a pure, powerful connection through songs that are written and delivered in an authentic, genuine way.  Arielle, follows in the footsteps of those that defined the singer / songwriter movement of the 60s and 70s.  Like Neil Young, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, and C,S,N, her recordings reflect a purity in production, where the performance carries the repertoire.  She lays all it all out there, sharing the core of herself on record and stage.  She is a powerhouse with a four-octave range, and a reputation as a dynamic guitarist wielding the Two-Tone custom guitar she built with her friend Patrick.  Yet, organic as a person, not consumed with wardrobe or accessories, her long brown hair exhibiting a natural free-wheeling spirit.  What stands as most important for her is the art, alongside being a giver, deeply committed to altruistically making things better donating time, effort and resources to multiple animal non-profit organizations.

As a guitarist, she feels a connection to those whom are esteemed players, but approached their craft with the song being the vessel versus the lick.  She cites Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton and Brian May as those who exhibit this acumen, offering, “My approach as a guitar player is very similar to the way I approach songwriting.  Write songs, sing the heck out of them, and THEN oh. dang. I play guitar too! The guitar is not the main focus. The emotions are. I don’t like to do anything distasteful if the song doesn’t need it. I’ll underplay any day instead of do something just because I can. It’s simply more of a melodic approach as opposed to a technical one.”

The lead track on Mind Lion, “Voices In My Head” is a bluesy track with a bit of an attitude.  She shares, “I put this song first, because the idea behind the EP is that our mind is a lion that has so much potential, so much strength, but needs to be tamed in order to salvage the potential within and use it for good.”  With “Devil’s Disguise,” Arielle reflects, “The idea that we aren’t ok in the present moment is prevalent. No matter what’s going on, it’s important to acknowledge that the moment we have now is JUST as it is meant to. And that even if everything isn’t seemingly perfect, we are together and that’s what matters.” The third track it titled “Just Another Reason” and carries a similar message offering that the present and the past can steal our wellbeing. But if we take it, and empower ourselves with the lesson, we grow. We can find reasons to sing, even when it hurts.  On “Take II” she delivers an instrumental, letting loose on guitar.  With “Madness,” Arielle cover a Muse song that connected with her in a way she hopes her work captures the listener.  She offers, “I love the idea that he finally realizes within himself where he went wrong, that he just wants to love, and that even with good intentions, madness is what ensued in his life. And through that madness, it allowed him to find himself and change. I feel it represents me.”  Encapsulating the collected body of work, she shares, “I feel this is EP is reflecting an evolution as an artist, with more succinct lyrics, and more uplifting messages even through hardship. The defining of me as a character and a human being, as well as a musician the more I create and learn about myself and the world.”

Arielle was accompanied by Adam Peri on keyboards and bass, while Asher Fedi performed drums.  Live, she’ll be performing solo on the national tour with Eric Johnson.   She reflects, “I love performing with a band, but it makes it a bit more ‘portable and affordable’ as a solo act. I use loopers, as well as electric and acoustic guitar to keep it interesting. I love traveling. I love being on the bus and having fun, and laughing. I love the idea of performing every night, and seeing old friends and making new ones. That’s what life is about to me. Love.”

As she looks back and forwards she reveals, “The most essential thing I have learned is that the purity of the music and intention behind it is most important. Creating art, the way it feels right in my heart. To not create for gain, but for giving. Out of necessity of expression. When I was younger and with a record label, I learned the hard way. I bent my rules within myself, my moral compass was compromised and my music was shallow. It made me feel empty, and quite honesty, felt like a waste of time.  I want to dig deeper into myself. Live more of life and explore what it means to create an audible environment where that gets shared, the more peace I find within life and in myself, the more my heart gets touched, and the more I grow as a musician and as a soul. It doesn’t matter what I’m offered financially, opportunistically. It’s great to have opportunities. It’s great to have money backing. But if I lose a part of me with it, it’s not worthwhile. To take my TIME. And also, to release and not make things perfect. It’s a rabbit hole if you dig deep enough.”

Confirmed appearances include:

1/23     Tucson, AZ                                                     Rialto Theater

1/24     Ventura, CA                                                    Ventura Theater

1/25     Anaheim, CA                                                  Grove

1/27     San Diego, CA                                                House of Blues

1/28     Los Angeles, CA                                            Regent Theater

1/30     Santa Cruz, CA                                               Rio Theater

1/31     Sacramento, CA                                              Crest

2/01     Portland, OR                                                   Aladdin Theater

2/02     Seattle, WA                                                    The Triple Door

2/03     Spokane, WA                                                  Bing Crosby Theater

2/06     Albuquerque, NM                                           Kimo

2/08     Ft. Collins, CO                                                Lincoln Theater

2/09     Denver, CO                                                     Paramount Theater

2/11     Aspen, CO                                                      Belly Up Aspen

2/13     Lubbock, TX                                                   Cactus Theater

2/14     Dallas, TX                                                       House of Blues

2/15     Austin, TX                                                      Paramount Theater

2/16     Houston, TX                                                   House of Blues

2/17     San Antonio, TX                                             Aztec

2/20     Ponte Vedra, FL                                             Ponte Vedra Music Hall

2/21     Clearwater, FL                                                Capitol Theater

2/22     Ft. Lauderdale, FL                                          Amaturo Theater

2/23     Orlando, FL                                                    Plaza Live

2/24     Atlanta, GA                                                     Centerstage

2/25     Raleigh, NC                                                    Lincoln Theatre

2/27     Charleston, SC                                                Charleston Music Hall

2/28     Charlotte, NC                                                  McGlohon

3/01     Richmond, VA                                                The National

3/02     Silver Spring, MD                                          The Fillmore

3/03     Glenside, PA                                                   Keswick

3/04     New York, NY                                                BB Kings

3/06     Baltimore, MD                                                Rams Head Live

3/07     Cohoes, NY                                                    Cohoes Music Hall

3/08     Boston, MA                                                    Wilbur Theatre

3/09     Derry, NH                                                       Tupelo Music Hall

3/10     Norfolk, CT                                                    Infinity

3/11     Lancaster, PA                                                 Roots & Blues Fest

3/13     Cleveland, OH                                                House of Blues

3/14     Cincinnati, OH                                                Taft Ballroom

3/15     Chicago, IL                                                     House of Blues

3/16     Milwaukee, WI                                               Turner Hall

3/17     Bloomington, IL                                             Castle Theater

3/21     Nashville, TN                                                 City Winery

3/22     St. Louis, MO                                                 The Pageant

3/23     Kansas City, MO                                            Voodoo Lounge / Harrah’s Casino

3/24     Oklahoma City, OK                                        Tower Theatre